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2022 HS Boys Summer Team Soccer Camp

To all rising 9th-12th grade boys’ soccer players:

Summer team camp is an opportunity for our soccer players to spend time at a local university, receive individual and team instruction from a college soccer coach, prepare for the fall season as a team, and build off-field relationships that create trust and chemistry that are necessary for success on the field.

Team camp will be at Bucknell this summer from July 15-18. The link below will take you to the site with information about the camp.  Please do NOT fill out the online registration form on this link as it requires full payment to submit the information.


Use the link below to register for camp. Please do this ASAP so that the camp coordinators will have your son’s information on record.  The registration asks for coach’s name, cell number and email. Use the following:

     Warren Jones

     (717) 816-2799

Although the registration link below has information about either mailing a check to Coach Brandt or sending a Venmo payment, the deposit of $125 (nonrefundable) will be collected by the Booster Club and sent to the camp coordinators on your behalf. Please submit this payment by May 6th.


You can either hand your check to a Booster Club Officer - Jason Henry, Jill Hubbard, Nicole Weber or Becky Cramer or you can mail it to:

    Becky Cramer

    49 Jamestown Rd
    Shippensburg, PA 17257

The additional payments will be as follows:

     $100 due on May 27
     $100 due on June 17
     Remaining balance due on July 8

Each payment will be sent in your son’s name to the camp. You will receive a receipt after each payment. Checks should be made to:  Shippensburg Soccer Booster Club

The booster club is also willing to set-up fundraisers for those wishing to raise funds for camp, but we need to know how many are interested before moving forward with plans.

Thank you all so much!

Special note from a local soccer team parent:

Good Afternoon High School Soccer Parents,

I wanted to reach out on behalf of the team, coaches, and booster club regarding team camp this summer.  There are other folks working on the details of the camp and I don't want to step on the toes of their hard work.  They will share more details regarding camp as they are coordinated.  This message is to reinforce the importance of a team camp.

As a former player and coach at multiple levels, I can't over-accentuate the team camp experience.  It gives upperclassmen the chance to bond a team under their leadership, and it gives underclassmen the chance to integrate and experience the "team".  It seems simple, but it creates an environment where the boys want to play together and work together.  It creates leaders, and it is the opportunity to create a positive culture for future upperclassmen.  Memories created with friends, teammates, & even opposing teams, can last a lifetime.  The positive experiences at a team camp cannot be understated.

Please don't take this message as pressuring you into something which is unrealistic for your family.  Scheduling and finances are 2 prohibitive factors, and everyone understands those limitations.  Parents have always been willing to carpool, so don't let transportation be an issue.  Please reach out to a coach or the booster club if there is a question or concern.

Thanks for your consideration